MANDARIN MAISON Art by Spivakovska develops the culture of choosing art objects, home improvement and presentation of gifts. Our experts can advise you on creating your own collections, choose pieces of art in the interior, as well as provide services to art consulting.

About the Gallery

“We have wanted to expand the format of a boutique of gifts and products for home and luxury interior, complementing it with premium art. I have been an expert in the field of luxury interiors and design for over 20 years, and our relatively new MANDARIN MAISON space has reached agreements with such great brands as Hermès, Christofle, Lalique and many others during last 5 years of work.

We decided to join forces with gallery owner Lika Spivakovskaya to show our clients unique art objects for the Ukrainian market. In the MANDARIN MAISON space, there are two gallery halls with permanent and changing expositions, ”says Oleg Dzyubyak, founder of MANDARIN MAISON.

The MANDARIN MAISON art by Spivakovska gallery has selected the best works of art representatives and combined in one space for sale from the public collection. These works are even more valuable, since each of them has its own provenance. These are status, liquidity, correct resume, value guarantee and investment attractiveness. Here at MANDARIN MAISON the highest level of art is declared.


Gallery names

In MANDARIN MAISON art by Spivakovska you can select outstanding works of famous artists and sculptors, which are sold at the most prestigious auctions like Christie’s, Sotheby’s or Philips, and presented in the world by foreign galleries. Such names include Taher Jaui (Tunisia / Germany), Mikhail Deyak, Alexander Klimenko, Anatoly Galitsky, Alexander Onishchenko (Czech Republic), Daria Kandinskaya, Irena Ton and Ros Kozhman (Great Britain), Oleg Tistol, Nikolai Matsenko, Anatoly Rotar, Vladimir Tsisarik , Yuri Musatov, Dmitry Grek and others.


Gallery Achievements

Reported names are truly global magnitude. The collected works of the authors are recognizable and highly valued in Ukraine and abroad. What is important is the fact that the public MANDARIN MAISON Art collection assembled of various price categories, and every piece – from paintings to sculptures can be passed from generation to generation.


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Gallery services

Collections creation Consulting
If you are interested in art, plan to make purchases on the art market or interested in investment opportunities in art - MANDARIN MAISON Art by Spivakovska gallery provides comprehensive assistance in this matter. We provide advice on the investment attractiveness of individual works, artistic directions and authors, minimizing risks when buying works of art.
Art in the interior
Even the most perfect space will not look alive without art objects.

We try to make the art in the interior was not just a decor that "enlivens" the walls, but an important part of the concept. And, of course, when we say "art", we mean not only paintings, but also sculptures, light compositions and art objects.
Art gifts and corporate orders
Works of art are investments in mood and formation of aesthetic taste. Isn't this a great limited gift? It is a desire to emphasize the importance of your friends and business partners. You can choose your gift history for each work. This is a unique expeirence. No other gift will convey such an individual approach as the piece of art which you choose for a person.
Exhibitions and events for artists
MANDARIN MAISON Art by Spivakovska Gallery has extensive experience in promoting contemporary artists in the art market of Ukraine and Europe. The scope of the gallery includes the organization of exhibitions, marketing services, consultations on investment in art, PR-events, projects in the field of art. The service includes administrative support, sale and registration of works.

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