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Home - a reflection of the human personality, his inner world, life values and priorities. MANDARIN MAISON presents to your attention the service for creating a unique interior design for the home of your dream. Our team of highly qualified architects and specialists are ready to develop and implement a unique project for you using the latest technologies and up to the latest world trends and properly selected interior decor completely transform your home, enhancing the space by means of fine furnishings and accessories. Interior Décor Department specialists will gladly help you to choose a stylish furnishings and will find a solution to implement a project of any complexity.

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MANDARIN MAISON offers a huge selection of exclusive products for your home, which you can order from the catalog, which presents a full range of brand products. We provide the opportunity to make changes in relation to the product you selected: add the number of units in the set of the service, and also choose the color and texture of any product according to the model line of the brand. Our specialists will help you with the choice, issue an order and control the delivery of the goods. The products of the famous Italian, French and German producers will undoubtedly underline the refinement and subtlety of your taste, and the purchase process in MANDARIN MAISON will give you real pleasure.

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Article 9. Consumer’s rights if purchased goods are of proper quality

The consumer shall have the right to exchange a nonfood article of proper quality for a similar one at the seller from which it was purchased if the article has not satisfied him/her with its form, dimension, fashion, color or size, or if he/she cannot use it for its designated purpose for some other reason. The consumer shall have the right to exchange goods of proper quality within fourteen days exclusive of the day of purchase. Exchange of goods of proper quality shall be carried out if the goods have not been used and provided that their marketable appearance, consumer properties, stamps and labels have been preserved and the settlement document issued to the consumer together with the goods sold has been retained.

If, at the moment of exchange, there are no similar goods available the consumer shall have the right to purchase any other goods from the available range with appropriate cost recalculation, or terminate the agreement and have his/her money back in the amount equal to the cost of the goods returned, or exchange the goods for similar goods as soon as appropriate goods become available for sale. The seller shall be required to notify the consumer claiming goods exchange on the day the goods become available for sale. 3. If the sale agreement is cancelled, accounts with the consumer shall be settled proceeding from the cost of the goods at the time of purchase thereof. The money paid for the goods shall be paid back to the consumer on the day the agreement is terminated or, if it is not possible to do so on that day, within another term established by agreement between the parties, but not later than within seven days.
Consumer’s rights if purchased goods are of improper quality

If any drawback has been discovered during the established warranty period the consumer shall have the right to claim, according to the procedure and within the terms specified by legislation:
- proportionate price decrease;
- free elimination of drawbacks in the goods within a reasonable term;
- reimbursement of any expenses incurred to eliminate drawbacks in the goods.

In case any substantial drawback, which arose through the fault of the manufacturer of the goods (seller, contractor), or falsification of goods has been discovered during the established warranty period and has been confirmed, if necessary, by expert findings, the consumer, according to the procedure and within the terms established by legislation and based on the rules or the agreement binding on the parties, shall have the right, at his/her discretion, to require the seller or manufacturer to:

- terminate the contract and pay back the sum of money paid for the goods;
- replace the goods with the same goods or with similar ones from among those the seller (manufacturer) has available.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a list of goods of good quality that can not be exchanged or returned (RESOLUTION OF THE CABINET OF MINISTERS OF UKRAINE, DATED MARCH 19, 1994 NO 172)

1. Food products, medicine substances and products, sanitary hygiene products.
2. Non-food products:
• photographic tape, photographic plates, photographic paper
• shapewear
• cosmetics and perfumes
• feather and fuzz merchandises
• plush children`s toys
• rubber inflatable children`s toys
• tooth brushes
• mouthpieces
• shaving devices
• shaving cream
• comb, hair pick and flesh brush
• mufflers (for musical instruments)
• chinrests
• gloves
• textiles
• net fabric, curtain and lacy sheets
• tapestries metreage merchandise
• underclothing
• bed cloths
• legwear merchandise
• aerosol packaged goods
• printed materials
• linear and layer metal products, tubular goods, sawn wood, wood trim (skirtboard, flashing), tile materials (wood fiber and flake boards, veneer woods) and glass, rifled and cut to size determined by the buyer (customer)
• audio-, video cassette, recording disks for laser sensing systems
• natural and artificial hairworks (wigs)
• goods for infants (baby linen, poonts, feeding bottles etc.)
• manicure and pedicure instruments (scissors, files etc.)
• fine jewelry, organogenous precious gems and semi-precious gems jewelry.

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